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Ahad Serenity Master Plan

Master Plan

Master Plan of Ahad Serenity gives us an idea about the complete structure of the layouts depicting the current and future developments of the project. Based on the given details on the master plan, the development will take place in a structured way.

Ahad Serenity is shrewdly located in the prime localities of East Bangalore with a great demand for residential living. The project is built amidst nature ensuring to maintain the stay with utmost peace and tranquility. The project comprises of various towers that are placed in a structured way with spacious abodes of different configurations.

Master Plan of Ahad Serenity indicates that there are 2 different entrance and exit points to the property. Soon at the entrance there is a feature wall and a security room with CCTV monitoring to observe the arrival and exit of the people and vehicles. Soon after the entrance the property spread vastly with tree lined pathways and wide driveways. There is abundant of open space for activities and lot of lush greenery with scenic landscapes.

Ahad Serenity offers sufficient space for indoor activities with a splendid clubhouse comprising an impressive Lobby, Swimming pool for both adults and kids, Pool Table, Indoor Sports Arena, Well Equipped Gymnasium, Badminton Court, Multipurpose Hall, Squash Court, Health Club and Home Theater. The outdoor portion of the property has ample outdoor activities like Cricketing Pitch, Basket Ball Court, Tennis Court, Jogging Track, Skating, Rink, Cycling Track and Kid’s play area.

The residents have relaxation zones with space for Senior Citizen Park, Pet Park, Gardens and landscapes giving a lifetime experience of a spectacular residential stay. The required compliances and regulatory measures with fully functional Sewage Treatment Plans (STP) and Rainwater harvesting unit (RWH) are followed thoroughly. Ahad Serenity follows quality management policies to ensure smooth functioning of business by increasing efficiency and productivity. Overall, Ahad Serenity master plan represents important factors such as utility infrastructure development, planning, acquisition and sustainability.

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